I Testify!

Heading to church on Sunday, I felt at peace and full of Joy. It wasn’t because I slayed in my outfit, but because of the excitement I felt ,going to church. You see to me every opportunity, to fellowship with the brethren, is an opportunity to receive rhema. 
Rhema is, God word for you now! It may be what you’ve read or heard a thousand times but on that occasion, you gain new insight or revelation, relevant to your current or future circumstances. 

On that Sunday my Rhema was #ITestify. You may have since the hashtag trending on your various social media or your friend’s timeline. Testifying is really about confessing, what God has said concerning you. Basically you’re your stating in affirmation, what the record (in this case the bible) says concerning you. One can also testify of the future you see, through the eyes of the spirit or what God has done for you in the present. 

Today I testify that am excellent in all things, 
I testify that my world is preserved cos “I am the salt of the earth”
I declare that am a savior, blessing and solution to the answer of many cos “as he is so am I”
I testify that I am like a tree planted by the rivers of water, my leaves are evergreen and shall never wither. I am flourishing like the cedars of Lebanon. 

I testify that I function under the unction of the Holy Spirit and I know all things.
I testify that I am like the city set on a hill, I cannot be hidden. I am the light of the world.
I testify that my path is that of a shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.
I testify that I am walking in divine health because I have got the life of God in me. Every fiber of my being, every bone of my body, every cell of my blood is inundated with the life of God.
I testify that I am making progress, I am moving forward and upward only, No stagnation in my life.
I testify that the wisdom of God is at work in me mightily, I know what to do, what to say, who to meet all at the right time. 

I testify that I increase in Grace which produces in my life, beauty, honor, acceptability, loveliness, goodwill, benefits, endurance, promotion, elegance, charm, glory, favor
I increase in divine favor, I increase in speed and accuracy. No weapon formed against me shall ever prosper. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.
I testify the lines are falling unto me in pleasant places, ye I have a goodly heritage. 
I testify that all things are orchestrated for my benefits.
I testify that my finances are booming all the time, I lay up gold as dust.
I increase in fortune. Great is my peace and prosperity. I am a great personality, I have access to all nations, no limitations, and no boundaries.

What do you testify about yourself, your world and your future today?



  1. Yes true words, if God has said it, I agree with Him and I say the same thing. Thanks for your article


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