Temerity of Lies

“Tell a lie and I will show you a liar. Show me a liar and i will show you a coward”.
Hi darlings! I trust your day is great so far. Mine has been kind of weird. I found myself pondering the increasing rate at white lies are been accepted by everyone calming as if it’s a norm. It's almost impossible to have a conservation these days without noticing so much false information been exchanged or inferred just to be considered socially acceptable. I wondered at what, could have reduced individuals and our society to such fear. So I penned down my thoughts for you..........

In today's word it's almost as if lying is a social skill worthy of emulation. 
Lying has been elevated to a form of social etiquette; one has to master to thrive in the minefield of life.
The liar considers lying, a form of smartness, cleverness or suaveness
Spurting untruths to mask his ignorance and ill intentions.
Alas! It’s a known fact, that a liar, is a coward, hiding his fears, lack of character, weakness and dubious intentions, under the guise of lies

Why lie when the truth is your best defense and offense! 
Why lie when the truth can be your greatest weapon or tool
Why lie when the truth is much easier to tell and preserve
Why lie if the truth is bound to come out at the end 
Why lie if the truth shall as they say "set you free? 
Why pray tell, do we belive in the falsehood of lies?

Practice telling, talking and saying the truth today and we will make a better world for it.
In worst case scenarios, choose to not tell lies by remaining silent.

Fyi: I truly detest lies deeply.  It offends my intellect and personal values. 
My motto is "once caught on a blatant lie; always a liar (coward) in my books"


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