The Doctor & The Engineer! Prewedding Photos of Noye & Emmanuel Winners of My Big Nigerian Wedding Season 2

The journey of a lifetime have begun for Noye & Emmanuel in Lagos and Blessing & George in Abuja, the two lucky winners of My Big Nigerian Wedding season 2.  Their dream weddings sponsored by only the best wedding vendors who make up the Dream Team will hold in only a matter of weeks!

The couples emerged as winners after a keenly contested competition with hundreds of other couples. After pulling enough votes to reach the grand finale in their respective cities, they participated in a live game show where they emerged winners.

Here is  Noye & Emmanuel love story and prewedding shots.

Noye, a Doctor, and Emmanuel - an Engineer were childhood friends. Their interesting love story and journey from being childhood friends to the altar will warm your heart.


Our meeting unlike the typical meeting at an eatery or one of such places was to me divinely orchestrated. We met at a very tender age precisely when we were both in Primary school and that was the moment for me. We were classmates, attended same church, lived in same neighborhood and both families were very close.  Little did he know that that I had developed that tingling sensation for him because he was this very neat, gentle, soft spoken (he still is), dark complexioned handsome little boy with impeccable mannerism.

Unlike me, he made his feelings known by all means even though his friends and mine made a mockery of him. He would always send his younger sister to make his intentions known with his sister affirming his feelings too imagine! On one of such occasions, he told my cousin to come tell me that “he was going to marry me” and he got whooped the next day in school for such utterance.

The road to September 11th for us has not been a smooth one. We have had our ups and downs ranging from my inability to woo Noyenum earlier on to distance when her family left our neighborhood and relocated far away and we stopped seeing each other. I got someone who attended same Secondary school with her in my neighborhood to play the middle man for me which was a great plus for us, but again we lost contact after secondary school as we attended different higher institutions and we never contacted each other for a while. We ended up dating different people but as fate would have it, it didn’t diminish the love we had for each other.

She went abroad and I moved on with my life with other ladies but each time anyone mention the name Noyenum, my heart skips. Fortunately for us, Facebook came into limelight and the first contact I searched for was her. Immediately I saw her, I added her up and she accepted. The first question I asked was, “are u dating anyone? Her answer was “No” that she had broken up with her ex. I smiled inside of me and said, “thank God”.  We got chatting on all social media platforms available to the extent that my colleagues at work called me “gist manufacturer” because we always had something to gist about and for long hours because of the time difference.

We had our periods of breakup and reconnection due to distance and finally in 2013, she came home on Holiday after about 5years absence and so I decided to go see her straight from work (as e dey hot)though she gave me attitude but I held on. There I told her I still loved her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her.

Today, all that is history now, because come September 11th, she will be mine and mine forever. You know what, “I can’t wait”!!!

That is one question everyone keeps asking me. The truth is that he had already proposed earlier on (wink) and so there was no formal proposal since we and both families already knew it was going to be and if he had still proposed, it wouldn’t have come with any surprise.

Photography: Klala Photography
Makeup: Beauty Cook
Wedding Planning: Trendy Bee Events 


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