Inadequacy, Power and Money Equilibrium

We all seek ways to escape our inadequacies
Routes that take us through dungeons and dry valleys
And bring us back to the same predicament exhausted and actually worse than before
“What of power? Shouldn’t its effect be calming?”
Oh, can’t you tell?

Unlimited power dements even more than it corrupts
It lowers the guard of foresight
While raising the haste of action
So when you cling to power
It leaves you with that empty feeling
Of fulfillment and want awkwardly juxtaposed

I leave you now with that insight
While I turn my beeping beacon towards money
Without which nothing reveals its real self—even friends

Money also unleashes amongst other things—fear
Fear of not truly knowing those whose motives towards you are pure
Fear to one day lack
Fear of dying and leaving it all behind to undeserving acquaintances

But is there no elixir for this fear I hear you ask
“Well, some have sought refuge in ignorance
Others in self denial”
What nonsense!

Words: Chidozie Onuoha
Photography: Jefferson Arebun for Millarephotos
Model: Millicent Arebun


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