Baggy Pants

I sometimes have qualms about wearing baggy pants due to the thin line between fab and gaudy inherent in the look. With the recent weigh obsession trend most style lovers steer clear of the staple especially when it is in denim fabric. One lazy Tuesday morning recently, I decided “what the heck and randomly choose to pair it with the first blouse my hand touched. 
It turned out to be this vintage buy of ages ago (I think 2006) but I stubbornly wore it and voila! I paired the look with my usual studded flats because, like I said earlier, it was a lazy day and I was in no mood for heels. 
Style Tip: If you choose to rock your baggy pants anytime soon, pair with silk or lyrca slimming tops and block heels to balance your silhouette. Accessorize with hops or stud earrings depending on your hairdo. 

What do you think? Did I try? 

Photography: Chidozie Onouha
Pants: Zara


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