BFF- Budget Friendly Fashion

Would you believe, if I tell you that, all the outfit in this post, cost #1000 only? Well it does!

Looking good is good Business but the wise fashionista knows that he/she doesn't have to go hungry to look good.  Just as Rome wasn't built in a day the same theory applies to building your style wardrobe of a lifetime with all the coveted high end designer fashion staples. It doesn't happen in a day even for the super-rich kids of Beverly Hills or Maitama Nigeria.

Everyone has a budget limit and you can look great on a one thousand or one million naira budget. The tricks to achieving this seeming impossible feat are

1. Set a your budget limit for yourself

2. Commit and discipline yourself to never exceed your budget limit
3. Know your shopping centers, la petite markets and Vintage treasure hotspots
4. Know and constantly browse your local budget market until you become a pro at spotting unique fashion treasures buried in fashion debris.
5. Become a pro bargain genius
6. Never be ashamed of looking good for less
The Nigerian budget limited fashionista has no excuse for looking less than great and trendy always, as the fashion budget friend market are found in almost all states of the country.

Lagos the commercial beehive of Nigeria is more blessed than others in the budget friendly market locally known as okirika markets. The advent of online stores like Jumai Nigeria, discounted bargain sites like , pop up bargain markets like the monthly la petite Market by la'space, fashion trade fairs/ exhibition et al, no fashionista has any excuse for looking untrendy.
If you are still in doubt, befriend a Unilag fashionista and get her to reveal the love affair they have with ‘VINTAGE BUYS” lol


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