Fifty Shades of Grey| 6 Things I Learnt From the Movie

So last week I finally watched the movie Fifty Shades of Grey and you won’t believe what I learnt! 
Every day we come against invisible social, religious and personal barriers put up by religion, personal values, society or sheer ignorance. There are so many grey areas of morality and values that often times we are at war things that aren't tangible

One of such “grey areas” made me resistant or opposed to watching and reading the movie/ book fifty shades of grey. Who wanted to add to the grey mix, by adding controversial information, promoting lewd and perverted behavior, purported to be in d movie, lauded by the press on it premier? 
Certainly not me!

Thankfully, I'm one of those individuals, who always want to argue my case, with facts and not with hearsay, so I literally took my values in hand and finally watched the movie and read the book  (Fyi: I  was gifted book trilogy and movie, so they have been living in my electronic library)
Funny enough the movie had a strong moral lesson, that conveyed a powerful message, if one has the simply sense to watch it and learn.

What I Learnt From The Movie Fifty Shades Of Grey.

  • There are boundaries in life both personal and societal. Personal trumps society, love and needs any day. 

  • Once you cross your personal boundaries you become miserable despite all your best reasons for been in that situation in the first place

  • Your personal boundaries is closely related to your core values and have nothing to do with societal expectations or norms.

  • Your values, in which lies the delineation of your personal boundaries, is irrevocably fused with your identity.

  • Having an identity, or knowledge of self, is the only compass you need to navigate life’s grey areas.

  • Once you consistently cross your personal boundaries, you run the risk of losing yourself completely and the end result is death, after the resultant existential crisis.

In a nutshell, who you are is what determine what you allow! Be careful of the blurred lines between, sexual pleasures, pain and perversity. A "love" tinted with perversion (depravity) is NOT LOVE!


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