Soignée x High Street

This week, I am in love with high street trends and street style worldwide. You might be wondering why yeah? Well, it because 
“Affordable, chic and accessible, is the budget constrained style lover, one way ticket to style ingenuity”
 Most of us, would have heard the word, “high street” and “street style” but I bet a lot of us can’t distinguish or define these terms or the relationship between them. 
There are various definitions of high street fashion. When using the term in regard to the fashion industry as a business, High street fashion according to Fenie Arfin “describes mass-market retail style!  The sort of clothing you will find in the chain stores. The more cutting edge and directional a retailer is, the faster it will interpret designer fashions for the high street”. For instance Nigerian high end fashion brand Ejiro Amos Taffiri, also have a high street brand named Deats.   Style-wise, high street fashion is all about translating and wearing, high and low end fashion trends in a way that is suitable for the street. Basically, it means to successfully convert and export runway trends and styles to the streets or walkway.  
Street style is generally associated with youth culture, and is most often seen in major urban centers, encompassing elements of hip hop fashion, Japanese street fashion, and modern Haute culture fashion.
 Simply stated, Street style is an individual’s personal translation of fashion trends and style or the distinctive way ordinary people style themselves every day. The term street style and high street fashion can sometimes be used interchangeably when dealing only with style and glamour.  

A huge dose of street smarts, is needed whenever you take a stroll on your streets, roads, malls, go visiting or jogging. Think smart, casual and trendy, for street style inspiration and you will never go wrong.


Photography: Desola Mako
Flair short: Mng
Shoes: Zara Basic
Glasses : Hdqv


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