Tea Musings| Makeup Dependency

Hi darlings, am so sorry I haven’t penned some “Tea Musings” for you in a while. Some of you noticed and complained (yay), which gave me butterflies in my belly (#blushes) knowing you love reading the section. 

While sipping Twining black tea, flavored with mango and strawberry this morning, I reflected on the growing dependence, of today’s woman on makeup. From contouring, to plastic surgery, fanatic exercise and eating regime et al. All this, to attain the perfect peak of “beauty” for varied reasons, which may or may not stem from, self-esteem conflicts and end in one word “MAN”. 

Dwelling on this Achilles’ heel of females, I recalled the words of Havelock Ellis “The absence of flaw in beauty, is itself a flaw”. This quote sums up most of my feelings on the issue. 
That chin, jawline, broad nose, big lips, overbite, thin browns or round face, you are trying to cover or restructure with contouring and other beauty tricks, may just be the most appealing thing about you that draws the eye.  What you perceive as a flaw, is perfection to someone else.

My question is “Why settle for commonality, by looking like a thousand others, than uniqueness by looking like YOU?”  Don’t get me wrong, you can be adventurous with makeup just to switch up your looks but over-dependence on makeup is a character flaw or weakness that runs deep. Moderation is key! 

Today I leave you with the words of Reverend Sean Parker Dennison “The ability to see beauty is the beginning of moral sensibility”. 


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