Act like a God, Dress like a Boss

Hello, stylish people. I trust Wednesday is treating you well. If not, determine that today is a great day and refuse to be bullied by life's circumstances. Most of us have heard the sage words "Act like a lady, think like a man", the book written by Steve Harvey.  I read the book and saw the movie a while back but this morning, it was fresh on my mind as I got ready to go out and conquer the world literally. Lol
Staring at my closet while pondering the phrase, I was inspired and this ensemble and the above title is the result.
Thinking like a lady acting like a man, won’t get you through most circumstances or relationships these days. It can't get the ring on your finger like the book and film purported, neither will it help you overcome challenges or emerge victorious from life's travails.
 In my opinion, the only way to achieve this is

Are you thinking “ACT LIKE A GOD? Acting like a God doesn’t mean a false sense of superiority, arrogance or acting in a supercilious manner. Rather it means having the mindset of God. Acting in authority, wisdom, love and humility over life's circumstances. Taking cognizance of the fact that perception is key, it's vital to also dress like a boss.  Trust me this is all you need in life to excel.

FYI, this beautiful suit by Kenchi Couture is my husband’s, imagine my delight when I discovered it fit me so perfectly #Battingmyeyelashedcoquettishly.  
What do you think? 


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