Soul for Sale

I chanced a peek in my vault today 
And found it empty of carats and notes 
Just smiles and kind words was all I found 
Therefore, since they are all I can afford at the moment 
How come it’s tough to offer them to you freely?

Why is my heart spoiling for a fight? 
These questions has only led me to one answer
That there’s no stronger vice 
Than heeding pride’s advice
So now that my lesson is learnt 
I pray that this lack of judgment on my part
Not lead us to that point where silence is sound
Where I’ll always be
One grin shy of a full smile 
For I cannot give up loving you 

You who is my peace within 
The gentle hand that spins my world - my air 
And I never wish to ever be 
The sight that takes your smile away 
For how can I forget all the pain that has strengthened us 
And all the joy with which you’ve bought my heart 
These few nights past 
Has strongly come to reaffirm the fact 
That I do not wish for you to be the one I’ll miss
For I truly love you genuinely 

And hence would hate to someday be
That sad and lonely man
Armed with a bow and an arrow of his own 
Aiming for cupid himself.

Words: chidozie Onuoha
Photo: Jefferson Arebun for Millarephotos
Model: Millicent Arebun Onuoha


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