Street Credibility

Stepping onto the street in nothing less than chic glam is a no-no for fashion oriented individuals in today’s world. With the constant rise of fashion and the new breed of fashion celebrities called bloggers, street style has risen to an all-time high. The walkway has become our runway in the most literal sense of the word, with fashionistas pairing trendy high and low-end fashion staples with lil regard for cost or brand and only one goal in mind—STYLE!

Nigerian fashionistas are not left out of the style mania. The city of Lagos is a constant whirl of glamour as style lovers step out in amazing personalized outfits with a creative twist. It’s almost as if any fashionista worth her weight in style has no credibility until he or she has conquered the streets' runway. 
My outfit was inspired by laziness. I got this tie &dye bubba top as a costume, for a stage play I acted in two years back and haven’t had any opportunity to wear it since. Funny enough it was the first cloth I pulled out from my closet as I got ready to step out in style.  This got me thinking and the end result is this eccentric mix. I wore my buba blouse over a green corporate blouse and crop pant to create an afro grunge chic look.  I accessorized with the hat and pumps to keep people guessing.  Street credibility I do HAVE! LOL

Photography: Jefferson Arebun for MillarePhotos


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