10 Style Tricks to Fight the Freeze

 Hi, style lovers! Once again it’s that season when cold plays tyrant to us, gleefully granting us dry and scaly skin, chapped lips et al indiscriminately. Naturally our fashion closet, as a rule, must change to accommodate the weather.

 In Nigeria, the harmattan season is here and every style lover wardrobe is feeling the cold. Unlike our global counterparts who have great winter wardrobes, as a rule, the Nigerian fashionista is never sure of her season, as a cold day can turn humid or sunny in minutes. Hence her inability to have a stable cold season wardrobe full of trench coat, fab fur jackets, wool scarfs, pop socks et al

In order to stay fab during the season, here are stylish tricks to fight the freeze, for the Nigerian style lover.

1. Ponchos, Sweaters & Cardigans
2. Socks
3. Mufflers & Pashminas
4. Maxis
5. Boot
6. Leave-in conditioners
7. Hydration
8. Moisturizer, Butters and Body Oils
9. Crème lipsticks, Gloss, and Balm
10. Pantyhose
Photography: Jefferson Arebun
Sweater: Knightsbridge


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