Millare White Wedding Series Pt 2 | The Gorgeous Bridesmaids & Dapper Groomsmen

My bestie Chyamaka George Udeh and Brenda Ukey,  are the best chief bridesmaids in the world. No sweat dared to stay on my face. I never had to ask for anything because they had thought of everything and more. Love you munchkins to the moon and back

The almost full squad. Buachi Momoh where are you? Answer- Making up! #VanityBabes

Selfie for the road. lol

My drama queen bridesmaid Jennifer Igbinoba

Babes on the match. Becky and Best I see you! 

Pretty Isn't she? Gloria Iluobachie

Amaka Akpunonu

Best Ojeimeh

The train minus a few girls/boys

Squad Goals

Baddest Groomsmen  ever liveth having fun

No dull moments

De Men!

Caught off-guard!


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