Shepherd's Delight

Merry Christmas darlings. It is the season of love! Enjoy, forgive, forget and be merry, for God loved you enough to send his only son to die in your stead, ensuring that you might have life and life to the FULLEST!

The most common error we commit is to believe that there’s a sin that’s too dark to merit forgiveness. Hence, condemning yourself is a terrible assumption far too damning for the soul that resides in you.
The foremost step to redemption, therefore, requires that you first forgive yourself before approaching the one whom you’ve hurt with expressions of your remorse.
And always remember that Jesus was born not for only the pure in heart; He left His lofty throne for us all—priests, apostles and sinners alike.

Shepherd’s Delight

Out here where the wind is bold
Where silence with much chagrin challenges sound
Always weak for the temptations of the unknown
I’ve left my flock for afar to roam

Looking beyond, I sensed the pasture to be greener, fresher—tastier
Hence this spirit to my legs that sprints me to lands where before I’d never trod
But in heeding my leg’s quick urge I’ve turned from safety, turned from peace—turned from the comforting bond of the whole
And chancing not a moment regret’s way, I brazenly raced for the open plain’s embrace
Quickly I came to it

But quicker still, I came to see as dull all my enthused eagerness
For I see now that nothing but emptiness can I only gain here
Therefore, even as this vast painful promise, promises so much more
I’ve now discerned that my master veers off this course for a cause
So, as I stand here alone draped in fool’s wool
I cannot tell with which feet I am again to find my flock
Or from which lips shall leap my plea to my master

For surely, dubious would be my words in His ears
And insincere seem my sudden claim of repentance
Many a night I spent pondering this dilemma
‘Cos I suffer greatly in this vacant lot of nothing but nothingness
Where before in my master’s fold my heart was tended daily with real love and tender care
Aware now that I cannot thrive outside His grace
I’ll do no more but go back and seek His face
I shall grovel at His feet—offer to feed with the livestock
For I have fallen from grace, fallen from that great peak of sons

Standing now at my former address
Weak beneath, my legs brought my face to the ground
That I may be acknowledged and dismissed
But how was I to tell—lowly mortal that I am
That not only would my folly be forgiven and my full rights restored
But that my choosing life over death
     Has, and will always be to my Shepherd’s delight                                    
Wishing you all a very merry Christmas in advance
                                                               Onuoha Chidozie


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