Beauty Review: Zaron Cosmetics Felt Tip Pen Eyeliner

I got a goody bag recently from Zaron, at deemako bloggers brunch. At the brunch, a representative from Zaron spoke on the brand and the #buyNigerian challenge they face, as a result of people like me that never #buyNigerian, when it comes to makeup. While she introduced the brand products, I became instantly alert when she mentioned the Zaron felt tip pen eyeliner and how easier it made lining the eyes and drawing winged cat slants.  

I couldn’t wait to try it on and I must say it makes drawing your cat eyes a breeze. No smudge or smear when you sweat too. My favorite eyeliner so far has been “Sleek Cosmetics Dip-It” eyeliner and I am happy to add the “Zaron Felt Tip Pen” eyeliner to my list of all time fave. 
You should try it too, for the cat trend is the rage this season, as women and designers globally explore their feline side.
Below are quick tips for adding a quick feline slant to your eyes.  

1. Start off with a clean, primed eyelid. 
2. Starting from the middle of your upper eyelids and using the liner of your choice, line your entire eye as closely to the lash line as following your eye shape.
3. With your eyes completely lined, you can now wing it out by following the bottom lash line up towards the end of your brow 
4. Once complete, look into the mirror and make sure the liner is symmetrical on both sides. If not, use a pointed Q-tip to even them out!

BEAUTY PRODUCT I RECOMMEND: I used the new Zaron felt tip pen eyeliner to line my upper lids and draw my signature feline slant

Photography: Jefferson Arebun for MillarePhotos
Beauty products: Zaron felt tip pen eyeliner


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