Tea Musings| Grey Vanities

Everyone has a story.
"Seeing the world through colored glasses is all about you and less about the realities on ground.Refuse to observe the lying grey vanities of today and shade in the future you desire/deserve in pop hues" ----Millicent Arebun

Happy new week darlings. I trust you are full of energy and enthusiasm for the beautiful week ahead. I am sure that together we spread will record exploits and take advantage of new opportunities to spread this week.

Well, its lunch time for me, and as I sit here sipping my Twining blueberry and apple flavored tea, I pondered on the office drama and politics going on in my organization. The constant drama that seems to surround my "friends" and the constant stream of sob stories everyone tells, to make themselves feel better about their mistakes, failures, weakness or pettiness. It's almost as if, some people choose to see ( and expect) only the negative or ugly part of life, people, and circumstances. Then they whine when the ugliness they expect (or see) manifests itself in their lives.

Sometimes, it's almost more than I can bear to keep from rolling my eyes or gnashing my teeth in boredom. hence, the above quote that came to mind, inspired by the self-justification people engage in, to eschew responsibility.


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