Word For Today | Your Abilities & Potential Hinge on Understanding and Knowledge.

All of man's abilities and potential hinge on his understanding and knowledge.
Happy Wednesday darlings. I trust you are having a swell time wherever you are right now. Poring through my notes during lunch, taken during a Haven Convention with my M.O.G last year, I came across the above words, written by me in cap letters. It gave me pause and caused me to meditate for a moment.

What are we truly, if not the sum total of the knowledge we have? Even our identity hinges on our knowledge of self. what is a man without knowledge? Word fails me to describe such a being.

In a world, where the pursuit of knowledge has taken a back seat, to the pursuit for instant fame and fortune, the future looms dismally for the next generation. Self- perpetuated ignorance is the order of the day. No one takes the time to dig deep and equips oneself with the necessary knowledge and understanding to attain the desired change, future or fortune.

 Everyone is a fan of on-the-job experience. It's now considered old school to prepare for marriage by attending a pre-marital course because "every marriage have problems after all". The student in school pays less attention to class and more on being listed amongst the social elite in his or her campus. The businessman, gets a loan and sets up a company without any knowledge of how to be a manager or run a company. A self-ordained pastor without any specialised training, gathers one or two people together and instantly becomes the very "voice of God" and the last word in the interpretation of the bible. The Christian is quick to act pious and post lots of picture quotes on social media but finds no time to seek true knowledge and understanding of his/her source by studying the bible.

The list is endless! Bear in mind that the reading time-span in our generation has reduced to less than one minute(Thank you twitter) and our reading culture, in general, has deteriorated to baby levels.

If truly, our abilities and potential hinge on the knowledge and understanding we have, then I think it's quite imperative that we go for knowledge in all things first. Surely armed with knowledge and understanding of anything we set our hearts to, the future we desire will become a reality.


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