How to Wear| A-Line Below-the-Knee Collared Gown

  “Any fashion staple can be fabulous on you, the determinant isn’t the piece but your style” – Millicent Arebun
Hello, style lovers. Recently I’ve been trying out some fashion staples, I would never be caught dead before. Though I am adventurous with fashion, I very rarely wear anything knee length or worse, below the knees and nowhere near my ankles.  This year I am trying out all the previous thing I didn’t like, from food, music, books, to fashion, so as to determine if I still don’t like them.

This monochrome four buttons, below-the-knee gown, gifted to me by my sister, is one I would never go for before. In line with my new resolution, I decided to try it out, for the sheer hell of it. Funny enough, I hated it when I wore it, I felt it was a confusing staple, as it was neither short, long or midi.

Still I figured, that any fashion staple could be dressed up or down, it all depends on the individual. I was wearing flats with the dress as at the time, so I decided to switch up the look by wearing heels thatI could be comfortable in all day and yet be stylish enough to add life to the gown. Voila! Just by pairing the dress with my Zara Woman pointies made a lot of difference. It added length to my legs and immediately gave me a slimmer silhouette.

What do you think? How would you style this gown, if you could?

Photography: Jefferson Arebun for MillareFashion
Gown: MNG
Bag: Clarks
Shoes: Zara Woman


  1. I am not a fan of A-Line dresses but seeing u pull this off nicely is helping me change my mind! 10/10.


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