Start Early!

Happy Thursday darlings. How has your week been so far? Mine was filled with lots of minor decisions that have major impacts on my life and world.  There is so much change happening to me and in me these days that sometimes my head spins. Nevertheless, my heart is filled with joy and good courage because exploits will be recorded in my name in a few weeks, maybe months to come. #grin. 

One thing I have learned, which has become my mantra this year is to “start early”. Most people are stuck in jobs that they hate or don’t like, marriages that are like death sentences or relationships that defiles and destroy rather that edify or empowers.

Whatever the decision or circumstance facing you, have the courage to face the truth about it squarely without bias, self-pity, regrets, blame-assigning or self-castigation.  Once you can face your challenges or Current Mountain, you will see clearly where you need to make adjustments, U-turns, or a complete overhaul. 

Once you’ve done this, have FAITH to “do” something immediately about it. Don’t procrastinate and don’t be fearful of the consequences!  You only have one life and you owe it to yourself and the God that gave it to you (as a free gift) to live it to the fullest.

Start Early and make that adjustment or complete change to yourself, job, life, or circumstances. Trust me you won’t be sorry!  #Yolo


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