Tea musings| Liberated

Hi, darlings its been a while, do forgive me. I had a huge decision to make and I finally took the big step, risks, fears and uncertainty be damned! I am so proud of me and I almost alway have to restrain myself from belting out in full soprano "I can see clearly now that the rain is gone" lol.

In light of this, I thought I deserved some much-deserved break from social media and blogging to realign my new set of priorities and properly equip myself for the fresh possibility- filled journey ahead by learning some much needed new skills. Trust me, when I am done, you and I will be all better for it.

So as I take another spoonful of  my new substitute for tea (tears), my word for you today is to liberate yourself!
Liberate yourself from every shackle in your life and you will be truly free to realize and maximize your full potential.  Your shackles can come in the guise of untrue friends, unwise company, deadbeat job, life-sucking boss,  overzealous parents, ignorance, need for acceptance, cheating lover, bitterness, bitchy sister or even ill- fitting shoes.

In whatever form your shackles take shape, decisively tear them out of your life today and I promise, you will be happier for it.

Till next time


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