Beauty Review: Zaron Cosmetics 05 Rock N Roll Trio Eyeshadow

Hi, darlings. Are you a makeup lover? I used to be one. In fact, in secondary school when I experimented heavily with terrible makeup techniques and applications,  I earned the unflattering name "masquerade" by some "mean gals" until I became the queen bee and they had to suck up to me or face social extinction. (grin)

Anyway, with age comes wisdom, so gradually I toned down my makeup to the barest minimum.  I particularly hated eyeshadows, especially shimmer shadows because they always date pictures and overtime looked garish. Nowadays my makeup routine consists of foundation, eyeliner, lipstick  and brows pencils.

This year I celebrated my "no eyeshadow" tenth year anniversary by deciding to use the eyeshadow kit gifted to me by Zaron  cosmetics. The result is this lovely "barely-there" bronze look.

Surprisingly, I've fallen in love with this pallet, consisting of three shadows because it's perfect for my skin tone. Bear in mind I didn't touch the lightest shade. I only used the bronze and gold shadows and softened the edges with Sleek Cosmetics Black Eye Drama then  lined my eyelids with Zaron Felt Tip pen eyeliner. I enhanced my cheekbones with Sleek Makeup BY 3 blush palette

What do you think? For someone out of practice,  did I do well or not? (grin). Who knows maybe I will sign up for a makeup course or take the shortcut route with youtube tutorials.

Anyway, I am still undecided if I will repent and start using shadows. At best I recommend smokey or just plain cat-eyes using eyeliners instead of all the palaver of fancy shadow shades and blending.  I strongly advise you to stay away from shimmer shadows except at night time. If you must use shimmer at all, bear in mind the "less is more" rule when applying.

Photography: Millicent Arebun

Beauty Products I Used  
Zaron Cosmetics 05 Rock N Roll Trio Eyeshadow
Zaron Felt Tip pen eyeliner.             
Sleek Makeup BY 3 blush palette
    Sleek Cosmetics Black Eye Drama


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