Cravings & Addictions

If someone told me I would literally offer my wardrobe for a cup of tea or a glass of wine a few months back I would have laughed incredulously. Alas, my current reality is just a shadow of that.
What I wouldn't give for a cup of black tea or glass of baileys right now. It's almost diabolical the way it seems like everywhere I look, someone is taking an unhealthy enjoyment in drinking either coffee, tea, wine or worse baileys on the rocks. From social media to tv commercials I am constantly confronted with the very source of my addiction and craving. Often times it takes a superhuman effort to turn away and concentrate on something else as I can literally taste it vicariously.

The stupid saying that "to get over an addiction, find a new addiction" seems to have no effect on me as nothing seems to fill the gap of tea, wine, and baileys on my taste buds. (tears)

I have found that the only effective means to ward off a return to an addiction or craving is knowledge! The suave saying that " knowledge is power" is the literal block or ammunition you need to stop yourself from "falling off the wagon".
knowing all the reasons why you shouldn't indulge in a glass of wine, so called recreational drugs or a simple cup of black tea can make all the difference in the world.

I have also found that distracting myself from the source of temptation helps a whole lot. My most current favorite source of distraction is Rhianna work video. (evils)

Do you have an addiction or constant craving you have to live without or consciously give up for the greater good? What are your battle strategies to overcome them?  Do share them with me!

Until the next time, I feel like whining

Photography: Jefferson Arebun


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