Duty vs Free-Will

Hi darlings, I hope you are having a less turbulent day than me. If you are, don't worry. it will blow over real soon, as mine did. You may wonder "what turbulence? Well, let me tell you all about it.

Recently I have found myself pondering the wide gulf between duty and free-will.  Whether strong or flighty, independent or submissive, willful or weak, I have come to observe, that the seemingly small difference between duty and free-will can make the difference between pleasure or pain, laughter or tension and sometimes life and death.

Personally, I am hard-wired to not conform to duty. I find it distasteful to do anything that has a "must" attached to it. You might ask the reasonable question "why?" the answer is simple. 
I believe God has already hard wired everything good, loving and excellent in everyone. I believe reasonable people will do the needful without a metaphoric boot on the butt.

For instance, a "reasonable" staff who applied for a job and agreed to the job stipulations and description will automatically do everything humanly possible with the available resources to achieve set targets and goals; without an overbearing boss or faceless management culture filled with implied threats of sanction and terminations.

A "reasonable" wife will naturally do all she can to please her husband while the husband will naturally go out of his way to ensure the stability of her world. None of them resorting to emotional manipulations or displays of ego based on preconceived notions as archaic as time itself.
A child will naturally love and obey his or her parents without any need for coercion, threats or punishment. (train up a child in the way he should go.........etc)

The presence of a "must" or inferred punishment in any human relationship or endeavour is what transform free-will to mindless duty. The sheer joy of "doing" is automatically reduced to the "mechanical function" of adherence to unwritten laws and rules of behaviour.

Unfortunately, there are times when duty trumps free-will anytime. Free-will unrestrained can only result in disaster while free-will curbed only result in duty.  In this case, duty win.

My personal opinion is this,  "Our ability to marry duty and free-will is the only recipe for success in any human relationship or endeavor.  This ability demands us to walk a fine line between sensitivity, wisdom and decisiveness".

Till we meet again next time


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