Tea Musings| 4 Ways to get Uninspired Quickly

Hi, darlings. Are you uninspired or facing a brain freeze or style rut? You don't want to do anything but laze around all day long wearing whatever your hand pulls from your closet or barely have the energy to go to work and carry on a conversation?

If you are feeling any of these signs, cheer up! You are not depressed, you are simply uninspired. This may be due to the dreary routine of your daily life or a reaction to recent events in your life that you may or may not be aware of directly putting you into this semi-zombie state. (lol)

Once you recognize you are uninspired and can barely summon the required energy or zeal to create or do your job, it's time to take a ....

1. Me Timeout.
Stop whatever you are doing, take a day off work (call in sick of your boss is a jerk)  it's time to have an hour or two of solitude. Use this time to search your mind and heart truthfully, resolved whatever internal conflict that may or may not be bugging you and think happy thoughts only!

2. Pamper Your Body: 
After your hours of solitude, it's time to pamper your body! Light fragrant candles, draw a bath, pour in some essential oils and exfoliate. If your budget allows,  treat yourself to a spa and massage, then dress up! It's time to go have some lighthearted fun.

3. Do something fun! 
Discover your inner child by doing something fun strictly for you. If you have available friends, take only those with positive energy with you and go have fun. You can go swimming, karting, beach or dancing. All these are fun activities that relieve stress instantly.

4 Chocolate & Ice cream. 
In lieu of sex, dark chocolates and ice cream are the best-est get-uninspired-combo-of -life to end your day right.

I guarantee that you will wake up refreshed, inspired and ready to take on the world. (except you are suffering from a broken heart or postnatal depression) lol.


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