Millare x Mado | Slits, Faux Furs & Baby Bumps

Hello, style lovers. How has your week been? Fab I bet! Mine has been glorious, the lines are falling unto pleasant places for me. 
Today’s look feature a style steal from a random store at the international trade fair in Lagos. I was first attracted by the soothing camouflage colors and was sold on it when I saw the slit. Naturally I was frowned at with undisguised disapproval when I told the shop owner I wanted it. She kindly reminded me of my condition (is being pregnant an ailment or neurosis that it’s referred to as a condition?) and offered me some unflattering piece of crap tagged “maternity dress”. Lol.

Anyway, I bluntly disabused her of her dimwitted opinion and left triumphantly with my bargain buy. Guess what! I got the dress for just 3000 naira. (Grin). Guess she was too focused on imparting her preggy wisdom to me than in a profitable sale. 

I paired the gown with my Topshop faux fur, embellished sandals gifted to me by my darling sister from another mother Chiamaka George Udeh. 

What do you think? Appropriate or Inappropriate.

Photography: Jefferson Arebun for MillarePhotography
Gown: MADO
Sandals: Topshop
Glasses: Carrera
Lipstick: MAC


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