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Leadership consists not in degrees of technique but in traits of character; it requires moral rather than athletic or intellectual effort. ~ Lewis H. Lapham

Hi, darlings. How are you handling the current heat wave? Bad? Don't worry I've got you. Watch out for my post on tips to stay and look cool during this scorcher we are experiencing in our corner of the world.

I came across this quote while reading randomly today during lunch time at my new job and It was a "soooo true" moment for me. Unfortunately, our leaders in almost all levels obviously haven't heard or don't believe in this above school of thought. Hence, the slew of bad decisions, deadbeat policies, failed businesses and amoral bosses that dismally liters the business and government landscape of our country.

In my opinion leadership is a 70/30 ratio. With techniques and intellect the 30 percent that is governed by a 70 percent strong moral and intuitive compass. How much better off would our country be if we had leaders in government with even a smidgeon of morals. Who has a conscience and works tirelessly to deliver at least 60% of his campaign promises . Who makes it his life goal to leave the country, its citizens and economy better than he met it.  How richer would our economy be, if every boss doesn't feel it's his or her duty to bed all beddable staff in his organization, willing or unwilling. Who makes business decisions based on facts guided by morals.

It's time for that change we all mouth at our convenience. Let's embrace and teach our "generation next", this leadership mindset and maybe we will finally see the country of our dreams before the rapture.


Photography : Jefferson Arebun
African print gown: MillareFashion


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