The Entitled Wannabe

I need help, nobody wants to help me. This world is wicked. They should help me. God will punish them!

I have an uncle, he is rich but he has refused to help me. All his children are abroad but just to help me with my fees and a car is too much for him!

I have an aunt she works with a big company but has refused to get me a job. She is wicked.

This and many more statements are the constant refrain and whining of the 'Entitled Wannabe'. Most often this attitude leads to a life of bitterness and wrong choices. The most crippling ailment guaranteed to ensure one is stuck in the quagmire of poverty for lifetimes to come is a sense of entitlement! Expecting help from someone (who you didn’t create) and then nursing bitterness because people fail to leave up to your expectations is a sure sign of cowardice and witchcraft.

One may ask, where do this sense of entitlement come from? In my experience and from research findings, it's mostly a trait passed down from parents to children. Most often, it originates from innate laziness, powered by Satan and communicated constantly to the people around. Children growing up with this sense of entitlement, expect help from their more hardworking relatives and friends while doing little to change their circumstances. They exist to survive on handouts and hold grudges for the perceived slights.

Ironically, these are the most ungrateful set of individuals on planet earth because one can never do enough for them. They expect more, even as you do more and hate you for not meeting their asinine expectations. Their core belief is that you were put on earth for their gain, therefore, anything you do for them, is a privilege you should be thanking them for.
They can turn on you at the slightest whiff of a more affluence patron. At such times, all you have ever done for them become their weapons of war.

Unfortunately, our society fosters this kind of parasitic dependency by defining a man's "goodness" by how much money can be "conned" from him or how much he throws around.  Sycophants and politicians grow themselves a fawning army by encouraging this parasitic form of life.

What then should we do when faced with this constant menace?  My candid advice is" do what you can and ignore the rest". The bible never told us, we would go to heaven based on how many people we helped or who hold us in goodwill. Neither is the path to greatness/success paved with goodwill.

I try to help people that matter, by arming them with a skill so they can become self-sufficient. Once I understand that all someone want from me, is money or just a channel to the easy path, I brutally cut them off, without any compulsion or guilt.  We only live once and life is too short to have a parasitic human attached to you forever.

Word of advice: if you ever need help from someone, make sure you are bringing as much value to the table as you expect to get. It doesn't matter if the value is immediate or not. Value is respected while handouts are disdained always.


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