Today's Look| Preggilicous in Millare!

Hi, darlings. I hope you are having a stylish Tuesday. It’s been a while I have posted an OOTD, so here is moi slaying today in my unique way. Guess what! I am wearing my own creation (grin)
Staying stylish and trendy while pregnant in our corner of the world can be tedious. It’s almost as if, designers or retailers consider shapeless and extra-large, the only style requirement for expecting mothers. One can’t even shop in peace without having a thousand and one unwanted advice foisted on you by the “know-it-all” female shop owners, attendants and even clients. All these spiced with pursed lips and sad head shakes when you buy something they don’t consider preggy appropriate in their world. (Sigh) 
Anyway, to avoid the hassles and urges to do violence whenever I shop, I decided to create my own limited collection of maternity dresses, fit for my taste and the modern fashionista who want to dress her bump stylishly.  I used both African fabrics and other odd ones that caught my eyes. In two weeks I will be releasing the complete lookbook (ANTICIPATE!), so all my preggy fashionistas can order if they choose. Trust me they are affordable and super chic. 
In today’s look, I am wearing one of my collection which I have tagged “preggilicious Tres Chic”. I paired the dress with my favorite red pointies, African Things purse, TheHDHQV cat glasses and red Beyond Beauty Lipgloss.

 What do you think? Yea or Nay?

Photography: Jefferson Arebun
Dress: Millare
Purse: African Things
Shoes: CK
Lip Gloss: Beyond Beauty 07
Glasses: @thehdqdv


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