Casual Comfort! IamISIGO Present her Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

This collection by IamISIGO was inspired by “The phenomenon of expression without foresight via reflection, how fashion has become an art form that elevates and celebrates the body making it the ultimate canvas.” It is the secret to this collection; showing  depth and creativity in adequate moderation (in juxtaposition to the past) bearing in mind, that the wearer has the ultimate centrepiece.

Featuring pastel hues, earth tones and slits, the collecton is for the minimalist fashionista whose sole mantra is comfort and casual.

Personally, I would wear most of this collection (except those that flirt a lil too close to the yeezy vibe) but would pair them with more edgy style staples and festive shoes, for outings that demands a higer level of fabulosity.


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