Millare X ZirconsbyAdebesi | Fringe & Cut-out Gown

Happy Wednesday darlings! Did you miss me #grin. I shot this look a while ago in my first trimester and realized I never shared it with you. (forgive me)

Cutouts and fringes are an epic 70s-8os trend that re-emerges revamped on the trends chart yearly. Reminiscences of old rock stars glamour, the fringe trend is a sure fire way to bring out the rebel in you. Couple it with the sexiness inherent in peekaboo cutouts and you have a winner made by Nigerians designer ZirconsbyAdebisi.

I highly recommend it to all fashionista out there, especially those struggling with a lil belly bump due to fat (covers face) or impending motherhood. The fringe detail is strategically placed to deemphasize all "bulge" while the low cutouts on the gown draw those incisive eyes away from your belly to your sexy legs #grin

What do you think? Yay or nay?
You can order yours with the discount code millarefashion0505


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