5 Style Tips to Stay Cool during This Scorching Heat Period.

Hi darlings, are you experiencing this hellfire heat? If not I envy you something fierce. Unfortunately, the evil weather people have predicted it will only get worse in the next few days. (Wailing). What then is a fashionista to do, especially if you are stuck in organizations with strict ogre dress code or worse, a budding entrepreneur with meetings at opposite ends of Lagos without a car or have a car without AC! (.....the horror!)

I had a media unveiling event to attend today by 2pm but when I looked out my window, I knew no force on earth, short of an earthquake would make me go out in the hellish sun. It was simply not worth the imminent sunstroke, I was sure I would have if I stepped out.
Despite today's decision to stay in my office and cancel my outdoor meetings, I have managed to stay relatively cool during this horrid heat wave by adhering to the basic style rules below.

1. Fabric is King: Despite the fact we want to look our best, for now fabric not fashion trends is the ultimate style deciding factor. Wear light clothing and fabric. This will help you stay cool, as the lightest breeze will reach you without much ado.

2. Avoid Dark Colored Clothing. I know we all love our black and dark staples (the stark contrast with other staples is almost irresistible) but for now, ditch them or keep them to the barest minimum on any outfit you wear.

3. Sunscreen & Sunglasses Are Your New Besties. Slather on the sunscreen generously after moisturizing in the morning. Ensure you cover lavishly every area that will ultimately be exposed to the sun.  Even if you only have to take a walk to your office gate to buy lunch, wear your sunglasses. When you are fifty with a network of wrinkles telling your life’s story you will thank me for this tip.

4. Water is God:  Drink lots of water every chance you get and more. The more hydrated you are, the less hot you will be. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it. Clock yourself and ensure you drink a glass of water every 30mins whether you want to or not. I know this rule may be tricky for our females, especially if we don't have a clean restroom nearby.  If you are faced with this situation, pace yourself by drinking a bottle of water every hour.

5. No-No to Too-Tight Clothing. Sunstroke or fainting spells due to oppressive heat isn't restricted "oyinbo". So despite how much you love to look sexy, wearing tight or too clinging clothing this period is a big No-No. It will only escalate the suffocating feeling you get when your body is over heated which will inevitably lead to a dizzy spell or sunstroke.

In a nutshell, stay cool by any means possible and keep your cheer up! Severe heat have been known to trigger depression.

Model: Tyna Foks


  1. Great tips!!! Especially for we living in UAE.. we experience between 38-50 degrees of heat during the summer. The only good thing is there's AC everywhere so you only feel the heat when you take a little walk. The other day I took the public transportation and my eyeliner and foundation was everywhere.Total waste of makeup. So I have decided to reduce my makeup. No more contour and highlights.. lol

    Great post!



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