Millare X Daniel Wellington Wristwatches| Time Never Looked So Good!

Hi darlings, what’s your time? This has been my new fave question recently, as it affords me the opportunity to gaze at and flaunt my Daniel Wellington "Classic St Mawes 40mm" wristwatch, delivered to me a few days back. 

One of the many beauties of the Swedish watch brand DW, is the versatility, innovativeness, and minimalism the brand represents, it is truly a style companion for every occasion. 
The style is on-trend, oozing timeless elegance and yet unpretentious without sacrificing the form and functionality needed for such a progressive wristwatch. A great appeal of the DW brand is its non-exclusivity to a specific gender, age group or a distinctive style. The design is meant to compliment your own personal look, regardless of interests.
The price range is quite affordable, bringing great value for the expense both in terms of style and quality. The quality in the DW watches is in line with watches in the 1800-2400 USD price range. 

A popular look associated with the Daniel Wellington wristwatch brand is the “PREPSTER” look which flirts with the relationship between the preppy and hipster vibe. It is best described as a lifestyle, rather than a specific look. According to the DW brand “We consider “prepsterness” as a spot-on and dynamic merge with the best of both worlds, effortless yet extremely detail oriented where nothing is left merely to the luck of the toss’’.
The good news is, you can shop the Daniel Wellington collection of wristwatches on their website at great affordable prices and with an extra whopping 15% off every purchase, by using my code “millareDW” between now and August 31st. You also get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE WHEN PURCHASING A WATCH, how amazing it that! I got mine in less than 10 days, so hurry up and place your order NOW!!!


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