My Former Best Friend

I have a best friend! A lifetime ago, when values were valued and principles like loyalty, integrity, love and fairness were exalted above oneself
I had a best friend who was more than a friend, and more of a soul sister.
In her, I found a steady place in a tumultuous world full of constantly shifting loyalties and emotions
Our bonds were forged in shared values, humor, habits, and mindset.
Full of life and laughter,
We found ease of self and freedom

It burns when change incubated in age and life circumstances comes into the equation eroding core values, principles and innate goodness of one we once held dear
It burns! This metamorphosis caused by the toils of life travails and the relentless responsibilities of being an adult and a member of a blood or social unit
It burns when my best friend becomes a stranger with secrets and hidden agendas.
Imprisoned by pride, family loyalty, ego, and self - interest cloaked in arrogance.
Driven by demons I could never make sense of, as I was barred to the mind I was once privy to.

It peeled when I am forced by the instincts of survival, dictates of wisdom and laws of self-preservation to ruthlessly snip the cords of love and loyalty I once had for my best friend, chosen sister and twin
So, knowing that the stranger that inhibits the body of my former best friend is no friend to me.

I mourn my best friend
I miss my best friend
I have hot gist for my best friend
I need my best friend
I want to share my victories with my best friend
Too bad my best friend is forever lost to the shadows and in her place is my former best friend.


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