How To Wear| Androgynous Look for the Pregnant Fashionista

Happy Monday darlings! Today's look features how to rock the androgynous look for the pregnant fashionistas out there. In today's world, the 'Milf' (Hawt mamas) have thankfully made being pregnant a trendy fashion phase with bodycon dresses, drapey long jackets and pencil skirts playing major roles. 

Unfortunately the downside of this new #Sexypreggo look is that most moms-to-be are now stuck in a square fashion box with these signature staples. What no one tells us is that these #sexypreggos do not wear these all the time or even for long. A picture in this instance "tells a thousand lies'.  

What is the style solution to looking great and fashionable while pregnant you may ask? 

In my opinion, striking the balance between comfort and style is the key to looking and feeling great all through your delightful nine months of merry-go-round.

Today's look feature loose clothing that is comfortable and yet so chic. I paired this two times larger than my normal size cotton purple blouse, with my MNG string shorts and Zara kitten heels for comfort. Then accessorized with my "Husband Jacket" (wink) made by Nigerian designer Kenchi and my fave navy blue hat. Viola! Simple, chic and stylish without losing my breath. (grin) especially in this nth hour (Phew!)
The great thing about this androgynous look is that it works great for all body types and fashionistas, pregnant or not. 

What do you think? Do drop your comments and options on the comment section below. I love to have feedback so I can always deliver my A-game to you. 
Here's to a productive and fruitful week full of joy and innovations! Cheers

Millicent Arebun


Photography: Jefferson Arebun for MillarePhotos
Hair; Chiom'Naturals
Jacket: Kenchi
Makeup:  Zaron Cosmetics
Silver Sandals: Zara Woman


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