How to wear | The Unstructured A.K.A TOO-BIG Trend

Hi darlings, I trust you are having a fab Wednesday so far, if not, here is something to take your mind off your troubles or struggles (toothy smile)

I recently scrolled through a fellow fashion blogger Grace Alex Instagram feed  and read how she had to put up a post wearing tight or figure hugging clothes cos a commenter or fan wondered why she always wore “clothes too big for her”. I had to grin when I saw it, cos Grace always looked “fantastic” in her so-called “too big” clothes. What the fan didn’t understand is that tight or figure hugging clothes isn’t what makes or breaks your style or even give you the sexy vibe. It’s 'HOW' you wear the clothes that determine it.

The unstructured or “too big” clothes look is a revamped trend, that embraces free-flowing fashion staples that flirt with breezy induced silhouettes and hang-free gypsy vibe. I wore the look above recently and trust me, I still looked chic, slim and zexzzy (grin).

What do you think?

Photography: Jefferson for Millarefashion Photos
Purple Top: MNG
Baggy Shorts: H&M
Silver Sandals: Zara 
Hair: Chioms”Naturals
Makeup: Zaron Cosmetics


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