Tea Musings| Being Unapologetically YOU!

Hi, darlings, it’s been a tea free zone for me lately (Tears) but I still find time to meditate while sipping yogurt or my recent favorite “dark chocolate”. Ha! (It’s a guilt-free zone when you are pregnant apparently)

I came across the quote above on pin interest this morning. Naturally, I started to ponder what it truly meant to be unapologetically “You” in a world where conformity reign supreme. Is it the bravery to be “you” without the needed evolutionary self-development, all in the name of being “You” or is the ability to stay “TRUE” to yourself and identity in the face of opposing trending social norms, ethics,  deteriorating moral value and integrity.
Let’s ponder on this for a moment and I will be here waiting to hear what interesting conclusions you come up with. I bet it will make for an interesting follow-up post. Don’t forget to post your conclusions or opinions on the comment section below so we can all benefit from our collective wisdom.

Hugs& Kisses


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