Tea Musings| Looking at the Sun

Hi, darlings. How has your day been so far? I trust great, if not click here for tricks to ensure a great day.  I attended a meeting recently and during the brainstorming session, the facilitator made a striking comment that inspired me so much. He said and I quote “The man that looks at the sun cannot see darkness” what an inspiring adage.

It matters how you see. I often start my blog post by asking about your day so far. Take a moment and reflect on what your answer often is. If it’s in the negative then you need to start learning to see things differently.
Seeing things in line with what God has said concerning you don't mean you are delusional or deliberately ignorant, it simply means you refuse to observe lying vanities. You choose to see and allow the end goal determine your outlook rather than the transient present challenging circumstances.

Discipline yourself to keep your gaze focused on the sun constantly and I can assure you darkness won’t dare to stain your world for “darkness cannot comprehend the light!”.... The bible.



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