Word for Today| Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

Hi, darlings. It's Friday already, which can seem like a bad thing when you look at your list of things to achieve this week and realize that you didn’t get half done. Every week most of us are revved up with big plans on how to turn our world around for the best but often times, by the end of the week we feel a letdown because we didn’t finish or achieve set goals. This in itself can be depressing, making us doubt our purpose, goals, and abilities. 

Today my word for "You" is, "keep your eyes on the goal!  It may tarry, due to the changing circumstances of our physical word, mindset, passion or even determination BUT if you focus on the goal, you will surely achieve it. Your goal can be as simple as getting your nails manicured more regularly, showing up for work early or as hard as converting your social media traffic to money and starting up a billion dollar company by the strings of your shoes.  

Either way, keeping your eyes on the goal despite setbacks or set timeline disruptions is the best tool for success you can ever have. Refuse to doubt yourself, your intention or abilities, rather let the setbacks be the springboard you need to propel yourself to do much more.


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