Word for Today| Relax, God has got you!

Hi, darlings! When I was younger, Saturdays were for cleaning, watching Cadbury’s television programs specially tailored to edutain kids and dressing up for fun times and hang out planned by the parents.Today, Saturdays are for relaxation, taking stock of my life in view of my set goals for the year/month/week and blog/press activities and events.

In all the seeming millions of responsibilities attached to been an adult, one can sometimes feel overwhelmed making us freak out quietly or explosively. Hence the weird unexplained attitude everyone displays unprovoked to people around them sometimes.

Today my word for “YOU” is, RELAX, GOD HAS GOT YOU! It’s important to realize that life is spiritual and the best recipe for consistent success and sanity is to let go and let God! The bible records that “His plans for us are of good, not of evil and to bring us to an “expected” end. His got you covered and as a Christian, you have to live with the consciousness of your identity in Christ, one of which is that, you have entered in your place of rest, so you must function from a place of rest.
Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking of a thousand ways things you have set in motion can go either right or wrong. Take a warm bath, indulge in some your favorite food, movies, fun hangouts with true friends or simply treat your body to a spa. Empty your mind of worries and fill your mind with peaceful happy thoughts. I guarantee by the end of the day the solution you have been fretting about will come to you by free course.


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