With Strings Attached!

Hi, darlings. How many of you hate strings in all its forms and guises as much as I do? Strings can come in form of expectations, assumptions, and insinuations of demanded behavior, outright coercion, manipulation, emotional abuse and blackmail.
When he or she does something nice, grand, romantic, expected or unexpected for you and expect some form of reward, "good behavior”, lifelong fealty or recompense from you as a result. All this is either implied, insinuated or made apparent to you when you fall short of what the "puppet master holding the strings" expects.

Expecting a scream of delight, sex, obedience, attention, loyalty (you have to always agree with me or have my back because .....) or even a simple ‘thank you’ from someone you do something loving or special for, is attaching your gift,  attentions, cash, help, service or love with STRINGS.

I hate strings because they eventually become yolks and bonds of servitude that breeds a vicious circle of endless abuse. My very soul abhors the mere thought of strings because I was born free, will die free and will love or give of myself freely. Free will is hard-wired into my system by God and strings are anemia to it.

As most wolves in sheep clothing that has crossed my path in life (both men and women including friends and family) have found out to their ultimate disappointment, I not only CUT (not unravel) strings but I disarm puppet masters whose sole purpose of existence is to manipulate and ensnare.

Let's create a better world for ourselves and our generation-next, by doing whatever we do to/for others in our lives freely and without expectations.  Do it because you want to and not because you have to. Do it out of unconditional love and not because you want/expect something in return consciously or sub-consciously. This in itself is the very definition of love, for love with strings attached is death.

P.S, if you find yourself attached with strings already, my advice is SNIP the cords NOW! Regardless of the temporarily pain and discomfort, it will cause you. Believe me, it will pass.



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