Goodbye 2016!

Hi, darlings, It's the last day of 2016. I woke up this morning thankful and humbled at the goodness of God throughout this wonderful year. In 2016 I triumphed,  I put my faith to work and prevailed against extraordinary circumstances that would have taken my life if I was ordinary.  
When the fiery darts of hell came against me and mine like a flood,
God raised up a standard for me. The WORD of God in my heart and mouth was my defense, shield and weapon of warfare.  The challenges were indeed bread for me and mine, so we grew stronger and "SPREAD" as the Word for the year foretold.  Today I am super thankful for all the feats and victories we recorded in this wonderful year.
So much I ve learned but one take home from everything is that LIFE IS spiritual. 
Don't be moved by what you see with your optical eyes cos they're brought to naught by things that be not. 
Train and discipline yourself to put God first & SEE from your spirit and I promise you the earth and it's fullness will be yours. 
Goodbye 2016, forever will I remember you with love💋💋💋 
2017! I'm soooo excited and ready to meet you


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