Product Review | Zaron Royale 04 Matte Stain

Hi, darlings. I get asked a lot of times while wearing this personal favorite lip shade of mine, a thousand questions on who, what, where. So I thought to do a product review so I can have all the answers to the questions in one place. This way I can just give anyone the link to my blog when they start grilling me with that scary green glint in their eyes about this fab Zaron lipstick that seems to be a hit with everyone. lol

The Zaron Royale 04 Matte stain is part of Zaron Cosmetics Lipstain collection that comes in 12 shades. It's  packaged in a sleek black hard plastic with a see-through bottom. 
I can't begin to rave enough about the one swipe full coverage matte feel or the long lasting wear of this lip stain. I got gifted this lip stain by Zaron initially last year (Thank you Zaron) But has since fallen in love with it at first swipe. Best of all, it dries out with a very light gloss feel, which I particularly love as I dislike the dry lips that are the bane of matte lipsticks. 

In a nutshell, this lip stain is a winner all around and you will feel like one wearing it. Did you know that it's made in Nigeria? Huh!....who knew we had such awesomeness in our land #BuyNigerian. 


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