Event Review| #GTBankFoodDrink2017

#gtbankfooddrink yesterday surpassed all my expectations. Amazeballs. To pull such a crowd of eager potential customers in order to support local enterprise is commendable! 
They weren't shy about spending a boatload of money to ensure an excellent enabling environment for their potential customers either. Topnotch relaxation spots, a veritable army of cleaners and assistance. The non- stop "water" been offered was a nice touch. 
Unfortunately, the free wifi didn't work for me😱 though I heard it worked for others but the availability of it was another nice touch, including the radio station. Imagine how many traumatized children and devastated parents we would have recorded yesterday. 
The only drawback was the frustrating long queues at almost all the stands. I waited for my chicken wings and chips from....... (lemme not call their name b4 dey die) for 3 hours because they only had two working grills and the queue was from hell. If @vachiedesiree haven't already paid I would have left. Same experience waiting for my ofada rice and "Ewa Agonyi"
By the time I was done I was so worn out I couldn't visit @nellies.ng stand or buy the bread I came all the way for. Just the thought of going back into the hall had me almost in tears. 

I also couldn't get my green smoothies from various "Green" stands cos apparently they couldn't make any more smoothies due to the power issues. 
By the time I had the sense to use my competitive advantage which is Skylar (carrying a baby has its perks) I was worn out. Shout out to @cocoonthego for saving a sister💋
I would recommend that GTBank make their exhibition boots wider next year if possible so it can accommodate more kitchen gadgets
Also, the exhibiting firms should also have more staff on hand to attend to more people thereby shorting the queues. 
In all Skylar, I and @vachiedesiree had major fun. 



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