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Jumai Market Relaunch| Sell With a Snap, Buy With a Tap!

00:49Millicent Arebun

The above sentence, featured as a mini header in the slideshow presentation by Jumai Market during the press/bloggers Brunch held earlier today instantly captured my attention. It essentially explains all you need to know about Jumai Market. 

It's like instagram on steroids. You get all the style inspiration and social engagement of instagram with a Payment/Delivery option.

Jumai Market is basically a social site for style creatives with an e-commerce function guranteed to make life easier for the stylish individual. You no longer need to fret about fraudulent account, theft of sensitive banking information  or worry about the quality when buying from a social site.

Better still you not only enjoy curated style items and inspiration from creatives around the glob; you can also Boss Up and make some money selling your creativity on the site by signing up as a vendor! .

Isn't that grand! You basically get to eat and keep your style cake at the same time 😆 Now go sign up to Jumai Market, enjoy yourself, make/spend some money and thank me later😆. 


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