Plus Is Diverse X Plus-size Fashion Week Africa 2017

The organizers of Plus-size Fashion Week Africa is excited to announce a collaboration with Plus is Diverse a UK based  Campaign empowering women and changing the perception of beauty in diversity. The Plus Is Diverse Models are elated to be walking on the runway for Plus Size Fashion Week Africa. To be apart of something that is once again breaking boundaries in the plus size Fashion industry is amazing. Fashion is at the forefront of the world... and this includes African fashion! PlusSize Fashion Week Africa will be an amazing platform for showcasing the fashion from this part of the world and more. What's great about it, is that it will show different standards of beauty and fashion, which is inclusive of plus size women of all ethnic backgrounds

The Plus Is Diverse Campaign celebrates representation of plus size women from different ethnic groups and are very honoured to be apart of such a great event. This will pave the way for many to see the fashion standards of Africa.

Women are all different shapes, sizes and races, they always have been, and always will be. PlussSize Fashion Week Africa will raise the bar in showing plus size models and high fashion plus size clothing in Africa.

- Olakemi


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