INTERVIEW- Adesuwa Etomi Wellington | I am my most challenging cast member

The private screening of ‘The Wedding Party 2: Destination Dubai’, held a few days ago for exclusive partners and members of the press. Newlywed Mrs and Mrs Wellington made their first public appearance and first red-carpet debut as a couple aglow with apparent joy. Playing the role of Dozie and Dunni in the movie, Banky W and Adesua Etomi Wellington in this exclusive chat with  Millicent Arebun Onuoha speaks on the demystification of preconceptions and stereotypes by the movie, the danger of making blanket statements and teased on 2018 projects.

How did it feel acting as lovebirds onscreen as opposed to offscreen?
I just did the same thing I did in part one (laughs) which we have done before. We played the characters of Dozie and Duni so it was slightly nostalgic to come back and play the same character again

Did you anticipate, that there would be a The Wedding Party 2?
No! To be completely honest I didn’t. When we say how well part one did, I was hoping that they would realise that the success of that meant that they can roll off the back of it and do a sequel. If you watch some of the most successful films in America, they tend to have one, if it does really well, they tend to have a sequel. Sometimes its planned and sometimes it is not. So, I was really hoping that, based on the success of the first one they would go for a second. It is just for the Nigerian audience, to make them laugh this December.

Was the timing of the release this December deliberate?
I am actually not sure. I know that they wanted a December release like the last time but it only makes sense that it comes out again in December like it did last year. Even based on the period we shot, December made more sense because we needed time for post-production which took about six months or thereabout. It’s a feel-good movie and December is a time when people want to celebrate and enjoy the festive season.

 Challenges on set if any
There are always challenges on every set but I think what’s important is that we were able to overcome whatever was thrown our way and put out a movie that is successful.

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Most Challenging cast member.
I am my most challenging cast member, because the pressure on you as a performer to do well and do justice to your character is constant. The challenge to outdo my past and give my character the best was my only challenge.

Some of the perceptions and assumptions of Nigerians and the black man in general by diverse individuals was alluded to in this movie, what is your personal opinion on it?
I actually think that more than anything else, the Wedding Party movie was demystifying all those things and showing how unimportant colour, background and tribe is when it comes to love, family and all the things that really matters. The Wedding Party 2 wasn’t focusing on the problem but was actually showing the solutions if you think about it. So, I suppose it depends on the individual person, are you going to see the problem or will you see the solution. I think the wedding party 2 showed that all those things are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Future projects
I have a few projects lined up but I am not sure I am supposed to mention them yet. I’m sorry I am under contract but I can guarantee you that 2018 is going to be a very exciting year. I hope more than anything, more than my films being successful, I hope Nigerian Cinemas continue to grow.


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