Our style stars of the week are none other than the natural hair twins and stylistas T.K Wonder and Cipriana Quann. Promoters of natural beauty these twin sisters have built an impressive brand with millions of dedicated followers worldwide off social media. Their uniqueness is their diversity in world where being different isn’t celebrated.

Takenya aka TK Wonder is the electronic singer and songwriter TK Wonder, currently on tour in Europe and Brazil, while Cipriana is editor in chief and co-founder of the lifestyle website Urban Bush Babes.  Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder run the popular style blog Urban Bush Babes and their unique natural hair length and personal style has earned them spots on the cover of major fashion publications and various fashion editorials including the latest Kenneth Cole campaign, Essence, Hugo Boss and more.

The fashion-prenuers cum models have both admitted on record they used to hate their natural hair but have grown to embrace it. This in turn has lead them to preach and inspire self-awareness and black culture through their fashion and hair to the mainstream audiences they reach daily.
'When you are apologetically yourself... your life can transform all from the power of being who you were meant to be,' Cirpriana said recently on Instagram on staying true to who she is.

In a recent interview, Cipriana’s opinion on the recent natural hair trend fad and its staying power on the trends charts was “There’s this whole thing about it being a trend, but it’s not a trend because it’s what naturally grows from our heads. It’s always been here; it’s just that now more people are embracing it. I’m 200% sure that this is not going to fade out. I feel the movement getting stronger and stronger. The more women come out and showcase their natural beauty…it only inspires other women who might be hesitant to take that first step.


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