STYLE HACK | Turn a Long Shirt Dress to Head Wrap

The versatility and sophistication of the head wraps or turban to the naturalista is practically a lifesaver. It can be used for almost all occasions and yet perfect as an emergency accessory on bad hair days, when we’re too hot to be bothered with our hair/ weaves or just want to flaunt our proudly African heritage. 

This day was one of such bad hair + lazy days where you just don't want to waste what lil energy you have thinking of style outfts. 
Thank God for the handy leggings, bubu top and the literal lifesaving scarf ! in less than ten minutes I was chic ready to visit my dearest friend chyamaka💕💋
FYI, my head wrap was made out of my long shirt dress , since I couldn't find the damn scarfđŸ˜„. But emergency days are the best days for fashion ingenuity and viola! A new style hack was birthed! Next time you can't find your scarf, remember that your long shirt dress or kimonos can come to your rescue.


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