Blogger Crush | Asiyami Gold @asiyami_gold

My blogger Crush this time around is none other than Nigerian born multi-creative and influencer Asiyami Gold. Gold is a visual storyteller, an artist, a lifestyle photographer, art director, blogger, influencer, stylist, event planner, image consultant, fashion designer, traveller, social media strategist, model and an Instagrammer with more than 206,000 followers. Her innate fashion sense, personal style and captivating visuals has kept thousands of fans globally hooked to her social media pages, which in turn has earned her varied financial gains, brand collaborations and paid partnerships with Gap, J.Crew, Pop Africana, Nour Jensen, Pantene and more

Gold who quit nursing school at age 22 to pursue an undefined artistic endeavour to the astonishment and displeasure of her parents, fuses her creative leanings with an effortless élan that is democratic yet defies mimicry
Below are art-worthy pictorials for your style-spiration and visual mood board.
Instagram page: @asiyami_gold


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